Saturday, February 13, 2016

Regatta Workshop 3/12 - 2-5PM

This was the first Workshop Your Way I completed because it was perfect for the cruise pictures I had from last year!  I love the colors - they really do not show up well in my pictures or the ones on the CTMH website.  This is the same as the Charlotte Workshop, it is 26.95 for the workshop kit and I will cut it for everyone so it is ready.  You can use my thin cuts and stamps to make the cards at the workshop, or you can add them to your purchase.  The white card bases (8) and pocket page protectors (2) are also additional purchases.

Below are pictures of the workshop:

Please let me know if you are interested in this workshop and I can help you order, or you can order on my website here.  I look forward to seeing you next month!

Charlotte Workshop and New Workshops Your Way

I love the new Close to My Heart Workshops Your Way!  With the old workshops, I felt like there was so much stuff left over and that's why I usually designed my own workshops to use up everything.  The workshops now come with more paper, but no stamp set and they are 26.95.  The cutting guide includes cutting pieces for 8-9 cards depending on the workshop.  Today was the first time I tried the new format and we spent the three hours making just the cards.  But we used stamps and watercolors too.  And everyone left with their paper cut and ready to put the layouts together.  The thin cuts and stamps to complete the cards are additional purchases, as well as the page protectors for the Picture My Life (PML) layouts.

I wasn't sure about this Charlotte Paper, but I love how my layouts turned out and I absolutely love the cards, and I think everyone who came today did too!  And everyone's cards looked a little different because we all used the watercolors differently.

Below are the pictures of my workshop:

You can still order the Charlotte Workshop Your Way from my website here and I would be happy to help you if you have any questions!

Kaleidoscope Scrapbooking Workshop - May 14, 2016, 2-5PM

I had just the pictures to go with this paper and I could not wait to use it!  So I have this one done way ahead of time, we will do this sometime next spring.  :)  However, if you love it, feel free to buy the items below from the buying guide and I will email the workshop to you.

Here are the pictures of the layouts:

And below is the buying guide:
Items to purchase:
X7202B                 Kaleidoscope Paper Packet         $9.95     p. 61
X7202C                 Kaleidoscope Complements       $5.95     p. 61
Z3085                    Kaleidoscope Assortment            $5.95     p. 61
Z3124                    Enamel Purple Hearts                    $4.95     p. 61
Z2012                    Gold Sequins                                     $2.95     p. 141
Z3087                    Green Shimmer Trim                      $4.95     p. 142
Z3166                    Basics Fundamental Stickers       $6.95     p. 110