Saturday, February 13, 2016

Kaleidoscope Scrapbooking Workshop - May 14, 2016, 2-5PM

I had just the pictures to go with this paper and I could not wait to use it!  So I have this one done way ahead of time, we will do this sometime next spring.  :)  However, if you love it, feel free to buy the items below from the buying guide and I will email the workshop to you.

Here are the pictures of the layouts:

And below is the buying guide:
Items to purchase:
X7202B                 Kaleidoscope Paper Packet         $9.95     p. 61
X7202C                 Kaleidoscope Complements       $5.95     p. 61
Z3085                    Kaleidoscope Assortment            $5.95     p. 61
Z3124                    Enamel Purple Hearts                    $4.95     p. 61
Z2012                    Gold Sequins                                     $2.95     p. 141
Z3087                    Green Shimmer Trim                      $4.95     p. 142
Z3166                    Basics Fundamental Stickers       $6.95     p. 110

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